Ayurveda got my full attention when I studied yoga in India. Sitting in the anatomy class I was expecting to hear familiar facts from my time at university, when I studied sports science. But this time, my teacher was an ayurvedic doctor and introduced me to a different dimension of studies about the human body. Ayurveda can be called the science of Life for it accumulates thousands of years of observation and experience. Studying the organism while it is alive, makes it a phenomenal complimentary science to the western conservative medicine and gives us profound insights in our bodies anatomy, physiology and spirituality. 

Panchamahabhut ( the teaching of the five elements) suggests that everything alive is made of the five elements, fire, water, earth, air and ether. According to Ayurveda, the qualities of those elements and their harmonious interaction, are essential for Life as such.

From this new point of view I  began to gain a new understanding of what my body does and why.

Ayurveda aspires to live in harmony with the elements around us and those inside ourselfs - that way, we create health holistically and substainably.

Although rooted on the subcontinent of India, Ayurveda is applicable everywhere. for it is never rigid nor exclusive but alive and adabtable.

It is an inclusive and integrative system, creating harmony while honouring diversity.

I think being happy and healthy is our birth right and I have always been an advocat for claiming that right.

I´d like to invite you to explore your own unique nature and begin to make those changes which will kick your body back into balance. All you need is willingness for responsability, an open heart and a little time.

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